We want to provide a service to our customers that is communicative, professional and informed. We also want to get our customers to completion as quickly as possible because we know this is what most of our customers want. We ask our customers for feedback at the completion of each case and do so in order to celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes. We also use the feedback to improve our service and are committed to making changes based on our customer’s requests.

G:PortL, our customer portal, was developed as a direct response to customer demand. Our customers wanted 24/7 access to their case, they asked to see, in a simple way, where their case was in the process of completion. G:PortL provides this. With secure access to each case, customers can complete dynamic questionnaires, upload personal documentation, view and download all letters and forms produced by GPL and email the Case Handler directly through G:PortL.  Our playful progress logos change from red to green when completed and demonstrate what needs to happen next in order to progress with the case.

G:PortL is being developed for use by Mortgage Brokers, Estate Agents and New Build Developers. Follow us on Twitter to keep updated on our G:PortL roll out.

G:PortL functionality

  • A clear Customer Journey depicted by icons, highlighting where we are and what is coming next
  • 24/7 access to your case file and associated documents
  • Document upload and download functionality meaning documents make it straight on to the file
  • Access to the GPL knowledge base and jargon buster to aid your client’s understanding of the conveyancing process