Our Frequently Asked Questions have been compiled by our team based on genuine questions we are regularly asked by our clients and customers.

Can I track my case on line?

Yes. G:PortL, our client portal, offers great functionality that enables you to see the most up to date status of your case. You can also complete GPL documentation, upload and download documents and make payments on account.

Do you correspond by email?

We feel strongly about ensuring that our carbon footprint is minimised as much as possible, as such, email is our preferred method of communication.

Should you choose to use G:PortL to track your case progress, all emails can be sent via the portal and will be recorded on your case file for review by your Case Handler and accessed by our Customer Service Team.

How long does it take for us to get a Redemption statement?

This varies by the lender but lenders will usually work to a five (5) day turnaround in order to receive, process and produce the redemption statement.

How long is the Remortgage process likely to take?

We are unable to provide an exact time frame but the remortgage process usually takes between 4 – 6 weeks depending on the lender.

The sooner we receive a mortgage offer from the new lender, the sooner we can complete the remortgage.

What if my case handler goes on holiday?

Not a problem. We operate on a team basis so that if your actual case handler is not available someone from the team will deal with your enquiry

What is an additional loan and does it apply to me?

This is another charge that is secured against the property. This will only apply to you if you have additional borrowing charged to the property.

Which documents MUST be originals?

We can accept a great deal of paperwork via email and through G:PortL however, the following must be mailed to us in the original form:

  • Mortgage Deed
  • TR1 Form – Transfer Form

Who can witness my Mortgage Deed?

Anyone who is not related to you and does not have the same surname or an interest in the property.

Who needs to sign the occupiers consent form?

Anyone who lives at the property over the age of 18 and is not named on the mortgage

Why am I only being asked for a 10% deposit when I am paying more than 10% deposit

We will only require a deposit of 10% of the purchase price to exchange. The balance of the purchase price and any fees and disbursements will be requested from you between exchange and completion.

We cannot confirm before exchange takes place the precise amount we will require for completion. It may be that we would end up owing you money or you may owe us an addition £1.50. We prefer to work with exact figures so as not to incur any additional administrative work which will only slow your transaction down.



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