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Our Services

Our Commitment

We believe we have the best people running the best process. Continual improvement is what we strive for, in both our process and system development and in the way we develop and train our people. We learn from the feedback we receive from our customers and your broker or agent in order to be the best at what we do.

By putting the customers experience at the heart of all our business decisions, we are continually improving everything we do to deliver a cost effective, straight forward and transparent service. The GPL team are well trained, engaged with our mission and above all will speak to you in a language that you will understand.

We are structured and process driven but agile and flexible in our approach so are able to adapt to customer needs and expectations.

  • Have you experienced problems?

    Whilst we are confident in the service that we provide, we appreciate that with the volume of cases that we handle, situations can arise which may give cause for clients and customers to complain about our service levels.

    When such problems occur, we want to know about them so that we may resolve them, learn from our mistakes and improve our service moving forward.

    For this reason, if you have any complaint about your case, please do not hesitate to let us know.

    Not sure if you should make a complaint?

    Complaints are a two-way process that allows both parties to benefit and we want to hear from you.

    If circumstances arise and you feel dissatisfied with our service, please contact us and let us know the problems you are having. We will discuss your concerns with you on the telephone and do all we can to find a resolution. If you still feel dissatisfied and feel you wish to make a formal complaint, the process for doing so is set out in our Complaints Procedure.